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  1. Default Great Exuma late March

    Heading to Great Exuma in late March...I've been searching for guides that will provide equipment and flies, can't seem to find any. Does anyone have any recommendations for guides and do any of them provide equipment? I don't really want to invest in another rod for one trip...

    Thanks for the help!

  2. Default Re: Great Exuma late March

    I just got back from Eleuthera but was also planning to hit the Exumas so I did a little recon. Most guides I found down there do not provide equipment or flies. you need to bring a bunch of flies and leaders. You may find a guide through an outfitter that provides some equipment but I would check with them before hand. The one thing I found out about the outer Islands of the Bahamas is..come prepared. The only places that provide any type of equipment are fishing Lodges...and they provide very little. I would bring several outfits or at least line sizes on spare spools. And a very Full Fly Box. Also Tie some wire leader for those Big Bad Barracuda...They are a Blast! Have Fun!

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