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  1. Default Line weight and reel for vintage rod?

    Looking for some advice. I received a Shakespeare A1305T bamboo rod for Christmas. It's in pristine condition and looks like it's never once been fished. I'm not sure what I'll use it for, but I was hoping someone had a recommendation for an appropriate line and reel.

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    Default Re: Line weight and reel for vintage rod?

    Quick web search shows the 1305 was made in a model T and a model B. The designation T indicates a Trout taper and the B was a Bass taper. Since the standard for Trout rods of that era were 6wt rods so I would try it with a 6 weight line and go from there. Many like the Cortland peach lines on older bamboo rods I prefer the Cortland 444 Sylk lines in Double Taper. Try multiple weights in both WF and DT to see what feels good to you.

    Most rods of that era were pretty flexible as far as line weights and some were designated as 5-6-7 wt. Many manufacturers did not specify a line weight and left it up to the angler to decide what was best for them.

    In my opinion a nice used Medalist 1495DA reel would be a good match for that period rod.

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    Default Re: Line weight and reel for vintage rod?

    I second what tcorfey said. I would also recommend SA Ultra Heritage or 406 fly lines.
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    Default Re: Line weight and reel for vintage rod?

    This is a trout rod. I agree with tcorfey on the Sylk or Peach line in 6 WT. I'd say a DT if you're dry fly fishing for trout and a WF if you plan to use it for nymphs or streamer on trout. Check around on ebay... these rarely come up on sale.... but you might get lucky.

    As far as a reel..... I would go with a nice blue collar reel. Some suggestions:

    • Pflueger Medalist 1495
    • Pflueger Gem
    • Martin 67A or 62
    • Martin LM 5/6
    • Martin MG 10
    • Shakespeare Russell

    Or some English Ideas:

    • JW Young Beaudex
    • Hardy Marquis

    Those in bold I like best. These can all be had with box for $25-$100. Varying condition of course, but hey... they're old(er).


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    Default Re: Line weight and reel for vintage rod?

    The Young Beaudex is a great recommendation (among many others), and if I recall correctly, an early version of the Orvis Battenkill was made by Young's as a Beaudex knock-off, you can find them on Ebay from time to time at very good prices. Nice reel.

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