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  1. Default Rough value of Hardy Rod

    Hi, new subscriber here in search of expert advice.

    My uncle gave me this Hardy bamboo flyrod shortly before he passed away in 1992. I have not used it in fact I have not fly fished for some time and need to unload some of my equipment. Like many I have more rods and reel than I can ever use.

    My uncle had not fished for some time either before he gave it to me, he lost his legs to diabetes, so i have no idea of the age or where he got it although he loved to accumulate fishing gear.

    It is an 81/2"- 2 piece with original aluminum case and rod sack. The winding look excellent but I noticed it might need some refinishing on the varnish. I am no expert on bamboo. It has a #9616 also after the original customers name say 81/2' no1. I have attached photos and need the assistance of experience people knowledgeable about Hardy fly rods.

    I loaded the photos on my website to make it easier to view the photos and the price of $1,000 means nothing, I just stuck a value in. The website has to have a price to load and I did not want to cause confusion by listing $10.

    I would appreciate your assistance, Thanks
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    Default Re: Rough value of Hardy Rod

    I don't know the answer to your question, but the best place to get a good answer is probably the Classic Fly Rod Forum.

    The Classic Fly Rod Forum • Appraisals & Identification of Bamboo Fly Rods

  3. Default Re: Rough value of Hardy Rod

    Thanks, will go there and see what they come up with...

    Well I guess it is a Jon Tarantino / Hardy rod, #1, 8.5 foot designed 6 weight line and original. Now I have to figure out how to best sell it. My uncle mentioned he bought 2 in a store when they had a big sale, but he was a BS artist. At least I know it has value now.
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