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Thread: Rio "Lightline"

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    Anybody have any experience with this line? They claim it's designed for cane rods.

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    I have the Lightline matched to my Winston Retro Glass rod (6'6" 3wt). The line works great for close in casting and I can't imagine any line performing better on that little fiberglass rod. It's a perfect match. I've also used it on a 6' bamboo rod and found the same great on small streams with close in casting. I've never had to cast it beyond 30' so I can't verify anything beyond that range.

    Nice line for those full flexing type rods...whether it's a bamboo or glass rod in your hand.

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    I used the 3 and the 4wt Lightline quite a bit. I prefer the DT version (one end is ivory the other is brown) as the brown head of the WF is very hard to see. I talked to Simon Gawesworth about this and it seems like I am not the only one who had this problem: most likely they will change the colour of the WF Lightline.

    The Lightline is probably the only Rio line that is not overweight. I find it kind of funny that it is called light, probably they should rather call it the Normalline, Standardline or the Rightline... It does everything a trout line should do and it works on fast action graphite rods too, just as other true to weight lines like the SA Expert Distance or the SA Trout. If you like those lines you won't be disappointed if you try the Lightline.

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    akos75, bingo! I laughed out load at your comment. Rio and Light? It must be a new diet routine for XXLarge waders. Call it Level Line, Skinny Line, StringBean Line. Good response.

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    Maybe they have changed but I looked on the RIO site for Lightline and couldn't find it. Turns out it was not under Freshwater lines but was grouped with Specialty lines. More irony.

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