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  1. Default Bamboo Rods in the Salt

    Is anyone else using bamboo for their saltwater fishing? Although my go to rods are T and T Exocetts I find myself using the Sextant more and more, so much so that I’ve recently taken delivery of a 8’3” 9wt (on the right) to partner up with my already well used 8’5” 10wt. The rods are heavier without doubt and throwing large flies for long periods fatigues your casting arm but these are formidable pieces of kit and not novelties. Although more relaxed by the very nature of being bamboo they’re no slouches when you need to get a quick shot in front of moving fish even in windy conditions. I’ve had to be careful with line selection though and running a SA Mastery Tarpon Taper on the 10wt and a Rio Bonefish on the 9wt seems to work well.



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    Never tried the boo yet on the flats, but I would be willing for sure.

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