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    Default Value of Refinished Bamboo Rod?

    Hi, Everyone
    I inherited a vintage Japanese bamboo rod; and, although I'm not a bamboo guy, I decided to refinish it. It now has 2 extra tips and a casting rod piece. I also decided to make a sock and "matching" tube. I know these rods were brought home after the war and aren't particularly valuable, but I'd like to know your thoughts on its value. It is an 8-footer which measures 4.6 wt. using the Common Cents Method. Thanks for any ideas. TomDSCN2212.jpgDSCN2210.jpgDSCN2214.jpg

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    Default Re: Value of Refinished Bamboo Rod?

    I did something very similar. I rebuilt and refinished an old 8' Japanese rod that belonged to my father.
    Your wraps are a lot nicer than mine, but I replaced my reel seat with a vintage nickel silver seat. Other than that....

    As I was putting mine together I was very cognisant of the old adage "you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear".
    So while my rod looks a lot nicer than it did, I'm not sure that I increased the value all that much.
    Still, it's a fun rod to cast and I enjoy it.
    I don't want to put a value on your rod, but if I were to sell mine, I'd be surprised if I got 50 bucks
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