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    Default buliding a 4wt bamboo rod

    everyone first post here,going to to Bill oysters shop next year
    to build a rod! planning on building a 4 wt still undecided on length 7 ft or 7ft 6 "
    it more than likely will do more small stream brookie fishing than anything.
    but thinking four wt thinking it would be a little more versatile.
    just looking for some opinions. this will be my first bamboo rod.
    I currently have a 3wt 7ft orvis superfine glass and a 7ft 6 superfine carbon 4wt
    never have fished a cane rod.

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    Default Re: buliding a 4wt bamboo rod

    Hello, Lane, is this going to be your first build as well as your first go with cane?
    When you say 'just looking for some options' do you mean about the length, the taper, the hardware? Everything?

    I wish you the best of luck with it and that you enjoy the building as much as the fishing. I only started on carbon blanks last year and loved doing something crafty/arty again in life. Hope it suits you, too.

    Interesting that you'd chose to build another rod in the 7/7 1/2 ft, #3/4 range. Is that to help get a fair comparison between your glass and graphite rod actions/feel? Or maybe mainly because it'll best suit the waters you fish?

    Best of luck with the build. Do take photos all along the way and keep us informed. Cheers!

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    Default Re: buliding a 4wt bamboo rod

    You will get much more knowledgable opinions than mine here but
    here is my take. I fish an Orvis Seven-four(7' 4wt rod) bamboo in the Smokey's
    and love it. I had someone build me a 3wt 7'6" bamboo and fished
    it some but found a little wind made it much less versatile. I also
    have a Zietak and a Flea both 6'6 for really brushy creeks that I like. I haven't fished
    a 4wt 7'6" to compare. An internet search of "Classic Fly Rod" forum will also
    provide you with some ideas. Congrats on building your own Cane rod.

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    Default Re: buliding a 4wt bamboo rod

    Oh man, you're going to have a great time. My father and I built bamboo rods with Oyster in 2016 and it was so much fun. So much so, that I'm now starting to build bamboo rods on my own. They do a great job and you'll come away with a gorgeous rod. To your orginal question, when you arrive they'll ask what you want to build and offer advice where requested. I'd throw your variables at them and take their advice. They know their tapers and what will fit your bill. Dude - you're gonna freak when you see just how small those six little pieces are at the tip!!!

    PS - I'd bring along some extra $$$ and have Bill engrave your initials into your rod cap for a nice custom touch.

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