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  1. Default Top Current Day - Bamboo Rod Makers?

    Share your experience? Was it a standing model, or custom build?

    Who/how did you decide who to use?

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    Default Re: Top Current Day - Bamboo Rod Makers?

    I know that Rockriver (Emil) was having one built this year but I forget by who. matter of fact we haven't heard from him in a while so I'll drop him a line.... You ask so I'll tell you what I did in the early 90's I had Ron White at the Orvis Bamboo Shop build me 2 custom rods and have always been happy with every aspect of them. Only thing I'd change is that I had the 8 foot 6 weight done with the standard Orvis guide dressing. That was before I learned how good garnet red ay have looked. Compared to todays costs for their rods I got a bargain. My 8 foot #6 has the extra tip and was built to balance to a Hardy Princess and it does. The Flea rod has 3 tips, the amber translucent silks - an Amboina Burl reel seat with German Silver rings and was made to balance with my old Featherweight reel.

    When You have a bamboo rod made custom try to know what reel and line you want to use with it. Then with that reel in hand and loaded with line you ask that the builder weight the reel seat so that when the reel is mounted and line strung up the rod will balance right at the very front of the cork.

    Doing that ends the business of having a rod and then trying to find the perfect reel weight for balance. Most cane rods will tend to be a bit tip heavy, that is why I say 'weight the reel seat for you' because otherwise you may need a really heavy reel on them. If you don't take that advice that's why there are Hardy Perfects still around, they balanced the old cane rods well

    I thought ahead and ask to have the outfit made to suit one another and am glad I did. You will often see posts on forums asking how to add weight to a reel for balance purposes. Having the reel seat spiked with weight ends that issue.

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    Default Re: Top Current Day - Bamboo Rod Makers?

    That would be Sweetgrass. Glenn Bracket of Winston fame. Never cast one but they are beautiful.

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    Default Re: Top Current Day - Bamboo Rod Makers?

    Mine was a Tom Ciemega, He use to work at Paul Youngs shop back when Bob Summers was there. Ted Williams taught him to cast when he was in High School. Tom was the finest caster I've ever seen to this day, and Mel Krieger told me he was the finest caster he ever say. Tom's rods were like a lot of the MW builders, a little on the faster side with lots of reserve power. He made a 7 1/2 4 weight for me, it casts like a dream. Sadly Tom passed away a few years ago.

    Of the other makers I like the MI builders, Jim Pikard, Bob Summers and Duane Mckenzie (Keystone Rods). Duanes rods are available from Duane of Gates Ausable lodge and his workmanship is exquisite. I must admit, I stay at his place when I fish the Holy Water and he has good taste in Scotch too.

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    Default Re: Top Current Day - Bamboo Rod Makers?

    My latest was built by Joe Bradley ( aka J. L. Bradley Bamboo Rods )

    He made me a 7'6" 5wt Perfectionist. This rod is the only rod I have ever picked up and from the moment I held it I felt like I had owned it my entire life.
    He does beautiful work and is a fine gentleman to deal with also.


    Tim C.

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    Default Re: Top Current Day - Bamboo Rod Makers?

    Sweetgrass build a nice rod I have 2 myself. Massimo Tirocchi out of Italy builds lovely rods , I have one and am seriously contemplating getting another. Callum Gladstone builds lovely rods under his own name and that of the Tom Moran rod company ( out of my price range at £2000+ ) .Mike Brooks is another Tufts and Baston are also making great rods The list could go on and on. Many modern builders are producing fantastic Bamboo rods these days .
    If your in the market for a new rod your best bet is to find a reputable builder that you can visit to cast some rods with various tapers. Or even better go to one of the Fly fishing expos that have makers and their rods at the show to try out various rods from different builders .
    The list of rods I would like to own is never going to happen unless I meet a very wealthy lady or win the lottery.
    My next rod will be either a young Perfectionist taper (7ft6 4# or a Massimo Tirocchi built with his own taper ,birch bark handle and bamboo furrels . Because of the cost I’m leaning towards one of Massimo’s rods as I really enjoy fishing with the one ( 7ft 4#) I already own . Casting is effortless, the fly seems to always land exactly where I want it to go , the rod is more like a extension of my arm ,it just gets me in the zone all day long .
    Off course I’ll need a new reel to go with whatever rod I end up buying, maybe a Ted Godfrey Classic would be nice !
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    Default Re: Top Current Day - Bamboo Rod Makers?

    Though I started with cane and still have great admiration for fine cane, I almost never fish it anymore. I have a few good ones and a clunker or two as well. My newest and best is a Thomas&Thomas 1974 7 1/2' Hendrickson with a Hardy Perfect (which I never really liked). I do not own but have enjoyed the privilege of fishing with a Jim Payne and, notably, a special Pinky Gillham. Nevertheless, I believe the finest casting cane rod I've ever fished was a full hollow-built, 8'3"/#4 Per

  13. Default Re: Top Current Day - Bamboo Rod Makers?

    Quote Originally Posted by 2ltdjorn View Post
    Share your experience? Was it a standing model, or custom build?

    Who/how did you decide who to use?

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    I recommend that you look at Harry Boyd (you can google his web site). Also, Bill Oyster. These guys build some wonderful rods. If you want a real experience, inquire about their rod building classes where you can build your own rod. Harry’s is very personal. Bill runs a larger number of classes of 6 people per year.

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