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    Default Re: 7’ 6” to 7’ 9” Bamboo

    Great info, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by drift111 View Post
    Good math and great questions, I asked the same questions. The shop couldn’t answer exactly why the blanks were so long or from which end do you cut. Basically, the makers of the blanks give you a lot of length for different tip top and ferrule sizes depending where you want to cut.
    Given this information, it would seem that you can make rods of many lengths and varying actions from the same blank. I would probably mock up a rod at the full 8'6" and play with it to see if the tip is too soft or the mid bends more than I want. My thoughts are that cutting the tip will stiffen the tip action and cutting the mid points will stiffen that portion, but cutting the butt will mostly just shorten the rod.
    As to equal sections, many vintage rods had staggered ferrules, you can too if it suits you.
    As to matching the diameter to the model rod that it is supposed to copy; that should be already done with the possible exceptions of the mid points and the tip. I'd first check the tip, if it is near that of the original, I'd want to leave it at that, if it is much smaller than the original, I'd expect it to be softer than the model and would cut it at the original's diameter. Did Dickerson have the ferruled ends at the diameter that the blank came with? did he have one of the ferruled ends larger than the other?

    Cut short; you have the choice to try imitating exactly what Dickerson built, a 7'6" rod or of building a rod that suits you personally. You have the blank in hand and must have access to the original specs on taper and guide spacing; so play around a bit prior to making anything permanent. Just what I would do, YMMV

    I wonder if any two of Dickerson's rods were exactly the same or if they varied a bit with the particular bamboo used on a given day...

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    Default Re: 7’ 6” to 7’ 9” Bamboo

    There has to be a book or in depth video on this....... I like Tim's post.

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    Default Re: 7’ 6” to 7’ 9” Bamboo

    Thanks again, lots of great points to consider.

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