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    Default Question about a Raven Fork Rod

    A few years ago I was gifted a Raven Fork Rod, assembled by a guy named Jim Mills. It is labeled as a Leonard "Hunt" 804 Taper. Sorry to say, I'm a graphite guy and this is the only cane rod I've ever cast. I researched these a bit, and it is my understanding that this rod was built from a blank in the "Presidential" series from Angler's Roost. I'm sure the blank was made in China. The rod is labeled for a #5 line, but I believe this is supposedly a 4-weight taper. The rod looks quite nice, with good quality guides, reel seat, cork, and seems put together well. I've cast and fished the rod a couple of times. It does pretty well, but didn't overwhelm me or make me want to sell my other rods and convert to bamboo full time. The tip is rather soft and the rod action is slowish, flexing pretty much into the cork. It has handled small to medium size fish without any problems. My question for you knowledgeable bamboo folks is how would this rod likely compare to other bamboo rods of this taper? Is this a classic taper, and if so, what was its original purpose? It seems like most of the more popular bamboo rods in 3 and 4 weight were 6.5 to 7.5 feet or so and not so much 8 footers.

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    Default Re: Question about a Raven Fork Rod

    Quote Originally Posted by mandotrout View Post
    I'm sure the blank was made in China.
    Although this may have changed, what set the "Presidential" blanks apart from the cheaper blanks sold by Angler's Roost is that they were US made.

    And, yes, I believe the 8' Hunt is a four weight taper, but the builder probably liked it better with a five. YMMV.

    In general, in any given situation, I expect to use a cane rod a line weight heavier that I would a graphite rod in the same situation. So, if you're rod is indeed a 4 weight, plan on using it as you would a three weight graphite rod of similar length.

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