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    Default Lightest weight rod for Ambergris Caye

    5 months out and I have torn up my right elbow pretty good. Waiting to get in to an orthopod, but 95% certain it is lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow). Even with rehab I am questioning if swinging my 8/9wt is gonna be realistic that soon(since I can't lift a coffee cup or beer currently). What's the lightest set up I could get by with if we ask our guides to stick to the mangroves and nearer inshore waters to target smaller fish? Or am I just dreaming?

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    Default Re: Lightest weight rod for Ambergris Caye

    I'm struggling with the flyrod-elbow too. It started from swinging hammers but only worsened from throwing pike and salmon flies with my 7 wt. I'm pretty sure I did some long term damage that time I bashed it off a door frame. Partial tendon laceration maybe. I'm not sure. I never had it checked out. But it aches so bad. Especially at night after a long day on the boat. I ice it often. Picking things up from a fully extended reach is a real chore. 90% of my grip strength is gone. I'm hoping rehab will work because I'm probably past the point where surgery would still be an option.

    I don't have much to offer in terms of light gear recommendations but I feel your pain and good luck on your trip.

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    Default Re: Lightest weight rod for Ambergris Caye

    why not learn how to cast/fish with the other hand? its not as difficult as you think and most modern day reels are easily reversible. of course it will be frustrating and difficult at first but after some time i think youd be surprised at how naturally it comes. just have to be committed and practice. your elbow will probably thank you for it. that being said, if the wind is relatively light then you can definitely do that fishing with a good 6wt. good luck. hope your recovery goes well.

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    Default Re: Lightest weight rod for Ambergris Caye

    Thanks brother! Appreciate the commissaration, and you described my symptoms to a "T". Stuff like this certainly makes one feel old.

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    Default Re: Lightest weight rod for Ambergris Caye

    My cast isn't great with my good arm, only about 60 ft, so I should try to give it a shot with my off arm. Never know, I might be better that way!

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    I'm no expert on this stuff, but one thing to think about is that a relaxed cast with a heavier line may less stressfull.

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    Default Re: Lightest weight rod for Ambergris Caye

    It all depends on the wind and target species. The Bones there tend to be on the smaller side so you could get by with a 5wt if there was no wind, but if the wind is up you will want every bit of a 8wt. If targeting larger permit you will again want the 8. Light wind with small permit and Bones a 6wt is totally doable.

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    Default Re: Lightest weight rod for Ambergris Caye

    You must be within a couple of months of the trip, hows the elbow and have you figured out what to do yet rod wise?

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    I routinely use a fast action 6 and 7 weight for Belize bones.
    Also get and elbow brace - something like this:

    Takes a lot of the heat off and will likely allow you more options.

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