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    Examining Perspectives

    A fella can't just lay in the fetal position and give up so I'm headed down to the river to look for some silvers today. So far there's been no trace of any and we're past mid July...........

    [Correction] I just checked the F&G website, yesterday July 16th three Silver / Coho salmon passed through the weir. Three. Not exactly Marty Stouffer's Wild America of the 1980's TV show is it? For those who may never have herd of Marty you can google the name, he produced some incredible footage of salmon runs in Alaska. When I first came here in 1989 I witnessed some pretty incredible things myself. I saw streams so full of salmon that it was mind boggling and it seemed there were fish everywhere.

    I remember driving along Cook Inlet in June and seeing countless King salmon that had gotten themselves stranded at low tide. There were a pack of Bald Eagles at each fish busy trying to kill the giants and then sitting astride of the carcass's and feeding. The fish were way too large for them to move so they had to get as much as possible before the tide came back in. I can remember watching an eagle hopping on one foot / leg with the other hooked into what was about a 9 pound fish busily dragging the fish onto a sand bar where it could be dispatched. I remember when the streams along Parks Highway got so many Sockeye salmon that the channels appeared to turn red as the fish reached spawning color. I also remember the horde of people taking fish, yes even in 1989 /90 there was tremendous harvest pressure on the salmon from resident and non-resident anglers alike.

    I believe that the combined impact of the commercial fishing - recreational and subsistence fishing and habitat degradation have taken a toll on these fisheries and the only road to recovery (partial recovery) would be a moratorium on fresh water harvest combined with reductions i the commercial harvest. Being that all of the five species have different lengths of time between the egg stage and adult such an action would need to be in effect for at least 6 years to have any effect at all. You see, we cannot base what may happen next year on what is witnessed this year, the fish next year were spawned anywhere from 2 to 6 years ago depending on species. It's a complicated mess but managing for the people will surly bring the situation to an even worse condition. Unless the State were to mandate that the fish will be managed for the continuance of the species (which I believe won't happen) then the salmon of south central Alaska are in a downward spiral that will end with them being a protected species. If that were to come to fruition the fishing here will totally collapse because of the relationship between the five salmon species and the other fishes. Trout and char especially rely on the salmon as their source of subsistence, the eggs, fry and flesh of the dead adults are what the other fish eat. Reduce the food source to a trickle and the other fishes are affected negatively as well.

    I am not optimistic.
    Posted 07-17-2017 at 12:11 PM by Ard Ard is offline
    Updated 07-17-2017 at 12:43 PM by Ard
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    Examining Perspectives

    WOW! Comments. I love comments

    First off Steve, I'll shoot more for sure as I have to go to the cabin and get to work any day now. I'll tote the tripod with and try to capture the area out there. Thanks for the positive feedback buddy.

    Dewayne, those hills are along the Glen Highway just past Caribou Creek. I'm not sure of the mile marker but it's almost to Eureka. I'll shoot some stuff along the Skwentna when I go up to trout fish.
    Posted 07-16-2017 at 11:30 PM by Ard Ard is offline
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    Examining Perspectives

    Old cameras or not, very impressive photography Ard. Where are the gypsum hills located?
    Posted 07-16-2017 at 10:59 PM by ia_trouter ia_trouter is online now
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    Examining Perspectives

    Great photo's Ard!

    These photo's are fantastic.The glacier shots are really amazing.The D80 is a great outfit.I used the same camera years ago before i started using all my Canon equipment and i remember it was an easy camera to get used to and sensor produced brilliant colors.I think i still have it somewhere.It was the only digital nikon i ever used and i liked it but its hard to keep up with several different brands of cameras.
    I like the different perspectives and your focus is spot on.These photo's really show how big and how open alaska is.Landscape photography can be a bugger but you really did a great job capturing the views.
    I am looking forward to your next posting of photo's.
    Posted 07-16-2017 at 09:57 PM by kentuckysteve kentuckysteve is offline
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    Gotta Find em Before You Can Hook em;

    Things aren't looking good here. My local river has a weir on it and at this date (June 22) has passed only 570 salmon. This could be considered a catastrophic situation although the greater minds at AKF&G apparently don't see a problem. The river remains open to harvest 7 days a week and people are thoughtlessly fishing down near the estuary picking off what fish they can find!

    Frankly I am disgusted that the river has not been closed to any harvest at all. 570 fish in a river over 100 miles long and people in boats pursuing upriver trying desperately to fiind any of that sparse number. They aren't that difficult to find in the upper river, a 30 pound fish has a hard time disguising its presence. When ten of them are together in a tailout on the gravel they are easier yet!

    Dazed and confused here.
    Posted 06-22-2017 at 10:28 AM by Ard Ard is offline
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    Getting the boat ready for the next run to Hewitt Lake and beyond;

    Looks like a mod you needed long ago Ard. No reason to suffer on the coldest days. The small windshield on my boat makes all the difference in the world when you can remove most of the 30mph windchill factor.
    Posted 06-22-2017 at 08:10 AM by ia_trouter ia_trouter is online now
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    There Are Very Few Kings In;

    If I'm lucky Duh, it won't need mowed too many times this year. I missed a deal on a bush hog for 900 dollars this spring but hope to get one next year for the cabin mowing. Then it won't matter how high it gets by the time I arrive.

    I put another entry on here, a windscreen on the boat finally
    Posted 06-21-2017 at 08:19 PM by Ard Ard is offline
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    There Are Very Few Kings In;

    The "mowing portion" of my primary residence is just a bit bigger than yours, and 25% steeper grade. Not owning a high quality lawn tractor would be unthinkable. But one of us doesn't mow their lawn 25 times a year.
    Posted 06-21-2017 at 03:50 PM by ia_trouter ia_trouter is online now
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    There Are Very Few Kings In;

    Good to hear from you

    It's been a dry spring here and I've only had to mow twice so far. The bank on the west of the driveway is just starting to grow and hasn't been cut yet. I think that next year I'll get a lawn tractor so this can be done quicker.

    Given a choice between a riding mower for home or a Brush Hog for the cabin I'll take the Bush Cutter every time though. That's the real job.
    Posted 06-21-2017 at 12:51 PM by Ard Ard is offline
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    There Are Very Few Kings In;

    Looking really good Ard. I roto tilled and hand seeded about an acre once. Yeah, your way is better. That should look pretty nice by fall.
    Posted 06-21-2017 at 09:07 AM by ia_trouter ia_trouter is online now
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    The Iris Rescue Project;

    All of them survived and they are in bloom!

    Click the image to open in full size.

    Click the image to open in full size.

    I haven't topped the beds because I may decide to move some late this fall, besides they do better in rough conditions.

    Click the image to open in full size.

    Click the image to open in full size.

    There are also about 100 lupine plants doing well out front.
    Posted 06-20-2017 at 11:39 PM by Ard Ard is offline
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    The Iris Rescue Project;

    They are all blooming at this time, I'll take a few photos once they are in full swing and post them. It was a success and there is a lot of lupine about to flower also
    Posted 06-12-2017 at 05:41 PM by Ard Ard is offline
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    The Iris Rescue Project;

    I went back up to the boat launch road on Tuesday and brought home 15 more of them They all survived the transplant and are doing well. Now we have 26 of them in the beds out back. I also mover 8 nice lupine plants to the beds and they all survived too.
    Posted 05-28-2017 at 03:12 PM by Ard Ard is offline
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    Gotta Find em Before You Can Hook em;

    Since I posted this I have been really , really sick............. Some sort of flue, head - lungs - really bad, I haven't been back out but Boss and I are going tomorrow. That's Monday May 22nd.

    It never fails, if I have time to fish something seems to get into the way. I had to cancel a guided trip this past Friday, I just couldn't do it.
    Posted 05-21-2017 at 01:39 PM by Ard Ard is offline
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    The Things We Leave On The Roof

    Those flies were the worst loss in quite a while buddy, they were very well done and I had only used one of them. The real hurt came when I realized that I am one of, if not the only fly fishermen who use that boat launch. Bad enough losing them but to think of a bunch of bait slingers looking at the box like a couple chimps and saying, "Whatduya figure them things are?" That's the part that killed me.

    I keep things pretty tight now, although I got to the river the other day and found out I had the wrong reel in my bag. Those darn Sage reels all come in the same cases, I just glanced at one to see that it was the right model and tossed it innto my tackle bag. It was the right model, 'Domain' but it was the wrong size. It was a small one for a 475 grain line and I needed a big one with a 600 on it...........

    I had a reel with a 600 with me but it is not all that much fun to use. The reel has raised pillar construction and my running line is constantly caught on one or more of the pillars.
    Posted 05-21-2017 at 12:00 PM by Ard Ard is offline
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    Posted 05-20-2017 at 07:29 PM by eastfly66 eastfly66 is offline
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    The Things We Leave On The Roof

    Well, at least you have an excuse! As a guide I imagine you have guys yaking it up with you while your gearing them up or down. I'm always worried I'm going to drive off with a rod tube or something under the truck or leaning on a tree. Christ ! I loose my keys once a day now or forget what i went into a room or the garage for half the time. Hey speaking of April V. she is going to be one of the presenters at this years Spey Nation NY - The event is atracting more people and vendors too from what they tell me but I thought the crowd looked a little thin last year. I hope I'm wrong ! Going up a day early to swing for small mouth.
    Posted 05-20-2017 at 07:23 PM by eastfly66 eastfly66 is offline
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    The Things We Leave On The Roof

    Hey Paul

    I was just responding to the guy who lost his net and it got outta control as you see. It was roughly 32 or 33 years between my screw ups so if it only hits you every three decades you'll be safe. I'm really careful now, take my time and make sure all is safely packed.

    About 4 seasons ago, maybe 5 I lost a box of fantastic tubes because I left them sit on the back corner of the boat when I pulled away from a launch area. Custom made by a guy who learned from April Vokey and there were 18 in the box That was unbearable. I've left 2 different Leatherman Waves on my bumper already also and after this past winters trips back and forth to the cabin I'm missing a third! I'm holding out hope it turns up but I know that the Gerber tool I dropped in the lake at Pike Cove is a gonner............ Weed beds are four foot thick there

    I'm keeping real colse tabs on the rods these days.
    Posted 05-14-2017 at 06:02 PM by Ard Ard is offline
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    The Things We Leave On The Roof

    Your jinxing me Ard ! I have yet to leave a rod behind , hats, flashlights and a wading jacket but no big ticket items YET !!!
    Posted 05-14-2017 at 04:40 PM by eastfly66 eastfly66 is offline
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    It's not really that Big..............

    Hi Jason,

    Ever since we came home I have been nursing Boss. It seems that on our walks through the woods on the packed trails he stepped on enough Devil's Club to create a problem. The 'Club' as I call it, grows really tall and when there are only a couple foot of snow there is a lot of it protruding the surface. Boss just walks and he doesn't know the difference between the Club and any other sort of branch sticking out of the snow.

    He began to hobble and with German Shepherds this is always troubling due to their proclivity developing hip disorders. He is almost twelve you know...... After a week or so he developed 2 very nasty sore spots between toes on his right rear foot and they were nasty.

    His doctor told me that when a foreign object penetrates a dogs foot (especially between toes) that object will slowly work upward until it comes out (festers) as an inflamed and infected mess. 500 mg. of antibiotic twice a day and a 10 minute soak in Epsom Salts as warm as he can stand daily.

    We're friends, boss and I and he can't do it himself so I've been on the job for a little over 2 weeks now. His medication runs out tomorrow morning but it is almost better / healed. Yesterday he was able to run and catch his Flippy for the first time in over a month! He too realized this was a victory and it was easy to see how happy he was to be able to do things again without pain.

    We have a big season ahead of us and I was really worried. He is currently sleeping
    Posted 04-22-2017 at 04:53 PM by Ard Ard is offline

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