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  1. Ard's Avatar
    All of the streams from down there look familiar AJ but I don't think I've been there. You did a good job with the pictures and I am a dog lover so I understand that part too.

  2. gatortransplant's Avatar
    Ellicott Special as in Ellicott Creek, surprisingly.
  3. lthrnk03's Avatar
    Ellicott Special as in Ellicott Creek? Or as in Ellicottville?
    Updated 11-02-2011 at 03:15 AM by lthrnk03
  4. Ard's Avatar
    I think you're doing a really good job of catching yourself buddy.
  5. Ard's Avatar
    You are getting a great start AJ. I just discovered this post.

  6. s fontinalis's Avatar
    Definitely a great looking fly. What size are you tying them...have you thought of using fish skulls instead of the cone head. They are a little more expensive, but definitely look great on flies. The smallest fit hook sizes #8 #6 and #4. I believe you need to use a straight eye too. Maybe i'll try some tonight if i have the materials and post a pic.
  7. peregrines's Avatar
    Nice job on the SBS and great looking fly-- and big congrats on your steelhead
  8. littledavid123's Avatar
    Gator, for your first round of teaching +1
    Very good job.

  9. gatortransplant's Avatar
    Thanks for the comment! I'll try to keep the fish coming, but no guarantees there, you'll have to live vicariously through the people on the forum who actually catch fish
  10. oarfish's Avatar
    Looking good A.J. you post it I'll be sure to read. We only have a three month window to fish our local river and streams which is Dec to Mar 1, the little lake 5 mins from home has closed for the season, nothing left to do except unspool the reels, clean the line and store it and get ready for steelhead in Dec. Saw your steelhead hen, nice fish.

  11. Ard's Avatar

    You have been a busy tier by the look of this post. You are already light years ahead of where I was at after I started tying flies. No doubt you will become an artist at the vise.