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  1. Ard's Avatar

    You really need to check here now and then
  2. Ard's Avatar
    So Mitch..............

    I've come back looking for an update, are you tying? I'll subscribe so I know if you update here.

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    Hi mich,

    You'll enjoy the kit I'm sure. You may be surprised how long you'll be able to use the vise that comes with. I tied flies for 25 years on a Thompson A vise and still use one. The expensive rotary vises are nice but the reason I ever bought one was that I found one at a going out of business sale and paid 64 dollars for a Renzetti Traveler back in 1994. If I had not found that I may have continued using my Thompson for who knows how long........

    keep us updated,

  4. mcnerney's Avatar
    I hope you update your blog and add one about your trip to Wyoming! Sorry the timing didn't workout so we could fish together, maybe next time.