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  1. Ard's Avatar
    I've been able to enjoy the area Glen, used to try making it up every year but it's been 20 since I've been there now.

    Your photos aren't showing up for me...........

  2. random user's Avatar
    I know where you are talking about. Have been threw there a bunch of times. I miss living somewhere where you can have a fire pit for roasting creature and the accompanying activities.
  3. gzarboni's Avatar
    You got it Ard. I think that this will be a weekly thing. I am going to post pics of me anfd the family starting next blog entry.
  4. Ard's Avatar
    Keep it coming Glen, Some pictures would be a hit with me.............
  5. gzarboni's Avatar
    Thanks for the encouragement Ard. I really enjoy this forum and all those who participate. Everyone makes you feel like your .02 cents matters and that makes asking questions or replying to threads so easy and fun. Getting to know others that share the same passion as you do and picking up some tips and education is a sweet deal.
  6. Ard's Avatar
    Hi Glen,

    That is an interesting tale and quite the turn of fortune for you. I'm glad your here with us on the forum and will watch for more posts from you here.