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  1. Some Photographs From Out At The Cabin;

    It took until March 18th at 2:30 AM before I saw a display of the Aurora but I was dressed and outside by 3:00 and then took the snowmachine out to the back field to get some shots.

    The show lasted for hours and I made many changes of lens's and settings as I enjoyed the -14* morning air.


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  2. It Wasn't All Northern Lights;

    In early January Nancy got herself a new Ski Doo Skandic Super Widetrack snowmachine. After riding it out she took my Tundra LT back when she went home and left me this to test out.

    I was amazed at how these things will crawl through the thick woods over 4 - 5 feet of powder snow. They have a 156" long by 24" wide track under them that is like a giant snowshoe. The skies are 10.5" ...