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  1. Updating...

    So it has been a few months, seem to go by way too fast!
    I went to my Son's Graduation Ceremony the end of May, it was pretty cool to see him graduate from Grade 12. He plans to take another semester to catch a couple more courses he wants then a couple of years of Criminal Justice after which he intends to apply either to the Canadian Coast Guard or the RCMP. He would be good at both but as a Father I wish he would take up accounting, much safer. Of course I keep that thought to myself. ...
  2. Mother moose Shot in Denali Park, 2 Calves Orphaned;

    If you read the story about my 2012 encounter with a brown bear you know that it came down to spraying the bear with Counter Assault Bear Spray and I am alive and well.

    I heard this on the radio and looked it up this evening; Moose shot near Denali National Park visitor center | Alaska Dispatch

    Sorry, but I would never shoot a momma moose with 2 babies, period. I think the legalization of carrying guns in Denali is a mistake. It is a National Park, one of the only places ...
  3. fly tying

    Well, I have mono and I am off work for another 8 days.
    Other than eating and not exercising I have to do something that keeps me occupied and interested as well as productive.
    So, I ordered a beginner kit. I have read that it is better to just get the stuff you need for the specific flies I want to tie. but, A)I cant be around people B) I have not been able to find lists about what I need.
    So, I got the kit with a high rating and not too expensive. I am sure if I don't like ...