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ak allen

New lines

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Today I went down to the fly shop and got line for the new rod & reel. Decided on Scientific Angler's Mastery Series Textured GPX in 9wt, due to the fact that I will be using this for larger fish, (Pike, Salmon, Steelhead) Also picked up a new line for my 5wt rig. Last night when I took it out I noticed the bad shape it was in.

When I got back home I spooled up the F1 and got all of that taken care of. Now I just need to get the furled leaders in and make some tippets for them. I also picked up a few small things that I have needed like a fly box, and filet knife, which were promptly "hidden" from me so Dakota has something to give me on my birthday.

Anyway, I hope to make one more trip out on the river before my leave is over. I need to catch some fish!


  1. Davo's Avatar

    Sounds like your all set!! Good luck on getting into some good fish!!

    I need to do new lines on all but one of my rods this season. Stretched the client rods through last season but don't think I can push it for another! . The 7wt is good as I had to replace that at the end of the previous season.

  2. ak allen's Avatar
    I still have the 5wt to redo. It'll get done tonight or tomorrow.