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ak allen

It had to be done....

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I had to go back to work today.... it sucked. Kept trying to tell myself things like... it's only s 4 day week, or Wednesday is my birthday, or it'll break up the day a little. Nope all false motivation. It just sucked.

On a more positive note, after dinner I got all the trees cut down that were in the path of the circle drive I'm working in putting in. Now I just gotta chop them up, stack the wood, and haul away the brush. The on to stump removal, and laying rock. Should make for a good project this week and weekend. I should at least have everything but the rock done. Unless, that is, I take a fishing break!

Speaking of fishing, I had a nice man from this forum send me a Orvis cocobolo wood fish net for free. Came with a card thanking me for my service! That was an awesome gesture that I will never forget. I couldn't thank him enough! I don't think I remembered to tell him that cocobolo is my favorite wood! Made for a nice surprise when I got home from work!


  1. milt spawn's Avatar
    That is a nice gesture for sure! Now go out and catch something to put in it! I thank you as well. milt.
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  2. Ard's Avatar
    Hi Allen,

    I'm glad to hear the net got to you I put in a new drive here about 5 years ago, you'll need a pretty good size track hoe to pop those stumps. The machine will get a lot done for you. You'll want to dig a big hole to bury all the stumps in I suppose, that's what I did with all mine. I pretty much laid a new grade to everything here and then made a nice lawn, as lawns on side hills go it'll do.

    Take a look to the future schedule wise to see if you could come down to the valley in the next few weeks. If we can connect I'll take you salmon fishing here. You can stay here so that you don't have to drive back without getting some sleep. Plan a couple days..........