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3/25/12 - Spring is here and things are picking up

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Ya know... I just can't help but get excited about this time of year. The weather is getting warmer. The birds are coming out. The fish are biting again. Its getting fun and Spring is the cause.

This time of year always gets me excited. I had a friend call me from south florida. He was on a business trip and took a few days extra before flying back to do some fishing. He called because he had caught a boat load of snook and red fish and had even managed to hook into a a good sized tarpon. I matched his story with a three pound large mouth I caught at the lake by my house. It doesn't really seem to match up but I kind of think ya have to be proud of every fish ya catch. Maybe its just me.

Any ways I gotta get back to the reason or reasons I started writing this entry. Spring is always a time of renewal to me. For my fishing, I use it as a time to get back to the basics. I start practicing my casting everyday. I start going over my notes from the year or two before to see what worked and what didn't work. I start tying flies that I want to try at different spots. I think that's why its so exciting to me.

Well I'd better get off of here now. I actually need to go look at the orvis store. I've had an eight weight rod sitting in my closet for two years and haven't had a chance to use it yet. And, seeing as the whipers (for those who don't know a whiper is hybrid between white bass and stripers. And they fight hard) are going to be running in a few weeks. I think its time to buy a reel and line for the rod. So until next time, may your lines be tight and your fish big.