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Casting Session #1 - Oh man

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Well.. I'm reading the Orvis guide to better casting. My basic hope is that if I follow this guys casting lessons then I may become a better caster. I did lesson one tonight with my 9wt. I would have used the five wt or eight wt but I haven't had the 9 out all season so I decided to use it. I forgot how well it loaded. I was only supposed to focus on my grip, back cast and front cast. Well I did that for a afew minutes and then I really got going. Before I knew it I was doin all those fun things like double hauling and casting my line all the way to the backing. But I figure I'm cheating with the 9 wt so I'll try the 5 wt tomorrow night.

As far as my reflections on my casting I'll say that I'm really liking a knuckle type grip and finger grip as opposed to the traditional thumbs up style grip.

Just a thought... Isn't it weird how golf and fly fishing mimic each other?