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What a day...

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Decided to get a little fishing in this evening. We went to this creek that we recently checked out and found that there is a nice section of water that is very open, and there is a playground and everything for the kids to play while we fish. My fiance was fishing on a spin rod (haven't talked her into flyfishing yet, but I'm working on it ) and I took my 5wt Martin and tied a 12 black Beetle to it and wandered up the bank trying to sight something. The water at this stream is so clear it's very easy to see the fish, which is sort of uncommon around here.

Well, I had a bit of a rough start. There was no wind but for some reason I kept tangling the line around my rod. What a lovely way to spend 30 minutes of so.

I finally started to find my groove. I was casting in front of this little waterfall on just a hunch, but no action. I was standing at the end of a parking lot in front of a car when the owners came up and started to get in. Not wanting to hook anyone I stopped and just tossed the beetle in the stream while I waited for them to leave.

Next thing, I hear this crazy splashing and a fish is darting straight towards me! It hits the bank, falls back into the water and turns left and like a flash it is gone! I didn't see any fish in the water and it happened so fast I didn't see were he swam off to.

Those people couldn't leave fast enough.

I fished that spot for another 15 minutes, but no action.

After that I walked down stream when I saw a trout just lazing away behind a rock. Still with the Beetle on, I started casting about 4 feet in front of him and left it drift back over him. At one time he swam up to the fly, sniffed it a bit and swam away. Figuring I was exercising futility, I still kept at it.

From where I was casting I had a tree over me with some low hanging branches, I was at the bottom of a 4 foot bank and there was a car parked at the top of the bank. So I was paying close attention to my casting.

I cast it into the water and noted that the fish was no longer behind the rock. Where did that bugger get to, I thought, as I turned a bit to look down stream. Just then out of the corner of my eye, I saw him rise and take the fly.

Game on! Or so I thought as I lifted the rod. But, as I was looking for the fish (who incidentally was right about were I left him) the fly difted and I never pulled in the slack. I lifted the tip but there was still to much slack. I quickly pulled in the line but no dice; he spit the fly out.

I spent the next 45 minutes after that fish, but to no availe. I started to rain a little and she wanted to leave. So as I was packing up, that friggin fish jumps up out of the water, in a sort of fishy "FU."

But I'm not taking that from any fish. I'll be back and get that bugger yet!