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It's not really that Big..............

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Boss's nose that is........

It's been a week now since Boss and I came back from our last winter stay at Hewitt Lake. Because I have been a life long dog lover I always take pictures of him while we're there, not so many at home but always while fishing or at the cabin. I believe those are his happiest times, his ears perk up at the word 'fishen' but I'm not so sure he enjoys the 3.5 hour freight sled rides to and from the cabin. One thing I am sure of is that he really loves being there.

I had came down the steps and there he sat giving me the are we going to take a walk look.

The walk, also known by the code name 'W' is also among his favorite things to do. I pack a couple miles of trails out through our woods every year so there are plenty of hard-pack trails to walk him on while we're there. A snowmachine track will harden up like a sidewalk after a good cold night and by spring they are great for getting around the woods. Back when Boss was younger we did snowshoe walks and he just waded behind me as I broke a trail. Now he's 12 and needs the easy rails.

I called him over and had to do the wide angle picture thing..........

Here's another interesting tid bit of learning I have acquired. Do not tighten the bungs in a brand new fuel barrel after you drain it.

I left that drum there last fall when I headed in as the water was getting so low I had to leave while I still could. Best case was that I'd use it for another season this winter. When you seal one with warm air and vapors inside and then the temp drops to -30 that is what happens. Of course we all know that things contract when cold but jeez, I didn't expect the drum to actually fold up on me.


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  1. jaybo41's Avatar
    That is one happy looking dog Ard. I always enjoy reading your blog, posts, write ups and with photos they're even better. Especially when Boss is in them. What a rockstar!
  2. Ard's Avatar
    Hi Jason,

    Ever since we came home I have been nursing Boss. It seems that on our walks through the woods on the packed trails he stepped on enough Devil's Club to create a problem. The 'Club' as I call it, grows really tall and when there are only a couple foot of snow there is a lot of it protruding the surface. Boss just walks and he doesn't know the difference between the Club and any other sort of branch sticking out of the snow.

    He began to hobble and with German Shepherds this is always troubling due to their proclivity developing hip disorders. He is almost twelve you know...... After a week or so he developed 2 very nasty sore spots between toes on his right rear foot and they were nasty.

    His doctor told me that when a foreign object penetrates a dogs foot (especially between toes) that object will slowly work upward until it comes out (festers) as an inflamed and infected mess. 500 mg. of antibiotic twice a day and a 10 minute soak in Epsom Salts as warm as he can stand daily.

    We're friends, boss and I and he can't do it himself so I've been on the job for a little over 2 weeks now. His medication runs out tomorrow morning but it is almost better / healed. Yesterday he was able to run and catch his Flippy for the first time in over a month! He too realized this was a victory and it was easy to see how happy he was to be able to do things again without pain.

    We have a big season ahead of us and I was really worried. He is currently sleeping
  3. eastfly66's Avatar
    One Happy Puppy !