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It Took Two Weeks But.....It's The Big Fish

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The day I caught a really nice fish but had no camera with me there were two people who took pictures for me with cell phones. One of these is posted to a fishing story here on the blog, the other I never mentioned because I didn't receive the picture until I checked mail today The kind lady who took this had a digital SLR with her but had forgotten to bring the batteries however her phone was considerably more advanced than the gentleman who took the original shot for me. In her e-mail accompanying the picture this thoughtful woman informed me that she had considerable difficulties getting the pictures from phone to computer but had not forgotten me. Thank you Dana

I will be writing about my 5 day work & fishing trip to the cabin on the lake soon but had to put this picture up. I figure you will understand how happy I was to accomplish the fish below using an unweighted wet fly on a 15 pound test leader. Since the day of the good catch the department of parks has recalibrated the scale and it seems the fish may have been a couple pounds over 40 but the day I weighed it the scale said 40 so 40 it is. Still I am happy to have a better picture and to see the fish in a better rendition of what it actually looked like. At the time the picture was taken the fish had been dead for about 45 minutes so it had lost just a tad of its brightness. For the sake of scale, no pun intended, I am 6' 5" and about 228 pounds. I am not extending the fish into the depth of field to make it look big, I'm resting it on my left thigh and holding it close to my abdomen because I could not keep a hold by any other means. When I look at this I see that I looked quite happy.


It's just the same fish but I'm so happy to have this picture I could just go fishing

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  1. Davo's Avatar

    That is picture to print and put on the wall for sure!! Awfully kind of that nice woman to take the time to get you the picture.

  2. milt spawn's Avatar
    Dang Ard, you're big enough to scare them bears away! Definitely a better photo. Was wondrin' where you had been lately, thanx for posting. milt.
  3. Ard's Avatar
    Hi Dave, I was very happy when I got the pictures, she took two for me.

    Milt, Yeah I guess I am a big-un, when I was about half this age I weighed 235 and had a lot more mussel. I was big enough to wrestle bears then, now I'm just tall.
  4. mcnerney's Avatar
    Ard: Congrats on the excellent fish, sure was nice of that lady to send you the photo!