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Update On The Yard;

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Down the page or on the next page there's a post titled Very Few Kings In, it's full of pictures of me tearing my yard up with a bulldozer. Since the fish didn't show up I had to cancel a couple trips but made use of the time.

Here's what happened after I roughed in a new grade for drainage. I added three tri-axle loads of top soil and had it hydro seeded. I got a large track steer and used that to spread the dirt and walk everything down then seeded the next day.

In hindsight I could have done more but the new grade wraps all the way around back and there's already plenty to mow and trim so I did what I thought was needed.

Now it has grown and had the first mowing and treatment with Turf Builder.

If you look closely you'll notice I put on a new roof too............ No need to let a lack of salmon affect the way you live huh?

This marks the second time I've graded this area into a lawn, the first was 8 years ago I think. I've reworked the drive way at least 4 times making it a large turnaround out by the new shop building. This was done so I can come in with a boat hitched to the truck and just circle rather than backing up to turn back around. In all I've rented equipment six times, many different types and had some 35 loads of fill and topping hauled to this place.

Nancy says we should have filmed each project and named them. First was Dig Hard, then Dig Hard 2, followed by Dig Hard with a Vengeance, Then A Good Day to Dig Hard. This last one I haven't figured out what to call it

This fall I intend to do a final Dig Hard project, I'm going to reinforce the retaining wall out back with about 10 loads of Pit Run Gravel. Can you Dig it?

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