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Video from out at the cabin.

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No I haven't quit fishing and I will be doing a little guide thing next season however with the poor showing from the kings this past spring I had good reason to get some work done here. I was less than impressed with the silver salmon fishing in 2016 and 2015 and had a look at the records from 2012 regarding the king numbers that year. With all that in mind I only took a couple people this past spring and they were folks who were more interested in learning to cast and to fish than banking on catching a king. I had began cautioning people last fall as inquiries came in about fishing for kings as to my belief that we would see low numbers and I was quite right at that. Then I thought about all the things needing done this past summer and it became obvious that I could hardly do both the guide thing and the work thing so I began turning requests away by late November of 2016.

Other entries here reflect the makeover of our yard and driveway and I did manage a new roof on our house before my eyes turned toward the cabin out on the lake. After I had finished my last corner rebuild just six days ago I made a video so people who had never been out there might get an idea of what is involved in keeping a place like this up by hand.


I have a lot more to do and will be hauling out lumber for a back porch / deck and a sauna this winter. Along with some dirt work I actually plan to get both the rear deck and the sauna done by fall of 2018. If so things will be taking a turn for the best out there. I have now gotten a solar system but need to have many parts for the mounting / rotation system fabricated yet this year. I expect the install of that and the finishing of interior lighting fixtures to be the first order in the coming spring. Then there's the matter of additional furniture for the place and on & on..........

Anyway, that's the cabin as it stands at this time

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