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A Bit of Redundancy;

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This info is also posted to the Spey fishing sub forums here but why not go for blanket coverage, thread posts can quickly be buried unless there is a recent reply so...........

I made these last night, they are my take on the Dee Monkey Fly on tube. They are relatively simple but have proven to be worth having and having more than two. I'll make 8 more so that if I were to God forbid, lose one or two I won't be left with no Monkey with which to spank the fish :

What you need (or similar) and how to..................

Tube: Pro Tube Micro Tube
Extension Tubing: Clear and cut to desired length
Body: Pro Tube Drop Weight 60 grain
Throat: Yellow hackle fibers, shown are burnt goose dyed yellow.
Wing: Black Angora Goat; under fur used as underwing then a small bunch of the long fine hair over top.
Lateral highlight: One strand of tinsel each side
Topping: 4 or 5 strands of Peacock herl
Cheeks: Jungle Cock real or die cut

Close up of drop weight body;

These are simple ties but I glue each step for durability and that slows things down tying them. They have a sleek small but long profile and it is this type fly that I am catching more rainbows and steelhead on than other patterns that came before them in my use repertoire so I'm staying the course.

When they are in the water under tension and crossing currents they will undulate in accordance with the amount of speed at which they are traveling. Whatever they look like, leech fish, USO (unknown swimming object) the fish will grab them. I find that by using a very short body / tube and a long flexible clear extension tube it becomes much easier to tie your jam knots because only one made way to long will leave the hook dangling. The hooks tuck neatly into the tube and there is no fouling between hook and materials.

Here's a few more thoughts or facts regarding these flies and their type. You can tie this on any tube material you have. I make them on Pro Tubes and on HMH 1/2" copper tubes with an insert & extension tubing. In this example I chose the 60 grain drop weight so that I can use lighter Z material in my leader rigging. If getting down is important then these body weights will take it down fast.

I've used many different materials for the long black winging on this style fly among them; goat - craft fur - buck tail - fish hair and anything else I could come up with at least 3" long. If I were to move back down to any of the 48 states that have trout I would stick with these style flies because they work so well.

I use em

A couple days ago I lost a really heavy trout but caught a few small ones, today October 15th I was back on the river. It was an even 32 degrees all afternoon and the season will end quickly with weather like that. I caught this one in a nice run but have not felt or caught whatever I lost a few days ago.

I didn't mess with the fish much but can safely say it was between 20 and 22 inches and healthy. Whatever came loose the other day was much heavier of a fish, that's the way it goes I guess. I posted this here because they are taking the Monkey Fly posted in this bolg. I have not been skunked while using this pattern

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