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A Great American Has Passed From This Life;

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We don't do politics but this is my blog and I don't feel very political when I recognize the passing of Senator John McCain.

Long before it was ever a matter of debate I learned that this man had suffered greatly because he served this country in battle during the Viet Nam War. He was only one of many but he was one whos name I became familiar with because of his position over the past 35 years. I remember when our POW's were repatriated and in the years to come would learn this mans name as it became a household name.

John McCain was one of the millions I hold great respect for. I believe he was a great man and a patriot of this nation and I will miss his sound reasoning as he is gone now and forever. I never saw John McCain as a republican, a conservative, I only saw a man of great spirit who projected common sense when I wanted to hear it the most from a leader.

I'm just a nobody who fishes and write about how to fish on a blog but I'm sad to see the men of Senator McCain's generation leaving me and they will leave a void which may never again be filled.

That's what I have to say about this one mans death.

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  1. spm's Avatar
    I agree, Ard. I especially like what you said about not seeing him as a republican or a democrat. I too only saw him as a Senator!