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The End of Something Good;

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I'll get around to writing and will provide many a picture of my friend as we shared boats - rivers - creeks and camps for almost 14 years.

On March 25 of this year 2019 I had to say goodby to my friend & constant companion Boss.

South Plains and Looking . . .-12606.jpg

I've spent 44 years of my life in the company of canines and Boss was the smartest most loyal I've ever known. From standing down a large brown bear to simple quiet days and nights camping along the rivers of Alaska he has been my friend all these years. I'll tell stories when I can do it without my eyes clouding over.

For now here's a link to a blog entry from March 11, 2011 about one of our days.

I'll wait till the spirit moves me before I try to write about our last few years together, it's just a love story about an aging man and an aging German Shepherd in Alaska.


  1. jangles's Avatar
    I'm sorry for your loss . I too have had Canine friends all my life and had to have my buddy Ralph the Lab go to heaven just before Christmas last . I have four others that keep me occupied . One Heeler coyote mix , two German Wire hairs(sisters) and one Yellow Lab . The Heeler is about to leave me but the other three will probably out live me . It hurts to lose them but one day I hope to be wherever they are . It gets easier with time but never goes away .