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Moving Toward Spring Now;

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I'm procrastinating right now. We finally had cold weather for almost 5 weeks and there is more snow out at the cabin than I need for access. The deeper it is the harder the trip. What I must do is to drive to a bulk fuel depot and fill 3 drums with gasoline and then take them 37 miles to Willow AK. where they will be loaded onto my freight sled for transport to the cabin. I don't know whether I want to make the run on Monday (tomorrow) or later in the week but I have to do it soon. Last year I put it off for a couple weeks and was rewarded with warm weather and rain which makes it really a risky business.

I also have to start tying flies for a June - July trip I'm taking and have to get with it. Unlike the past ten years when I stood by while people who hired me to take them fishing I'm going myself this year and am looking forward to it. I do get to fish and have kept my game up to snuff but always seem to miss prime days because those are when I work with others.

I know this post may not be of great interest to others but I sometimes use this page as a sort of digital journal and so have entered these thoughts. I have to go get those barrels loaded now and believe me I don't enjoy it at all. The reward is when summer rolls around and I want to do some ranging out the rivers using the cabin as my base there are no fuel worries. But getting the stuff there can be a nightmare.........

I'll take some pictures as I go if I remember


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