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  1. Getting Ready For a New Season Requires some Work;

    After ten years of service my boat has more than dents in the bottom, the interior finish has with age and wear become so worn that it became a minor embarrassment. I wanted to get to it last year but for various reasons did not. This spring I made my mind up that I would once again have a boat that people made comments on. I started by cleaning the exterior hull with Zep-A-Lume oxidizer then did the interior. Next came the heat gun and peeling off all those tackle stickers including my Hardy Fly ...

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  2. The Industry Ethics Opinion Thread, the long reply version;

    I often copy lengthy post replies and put them here in an edited version so they don't become lost in forgotten threads. If you didn't run across this one on the forum here it is with additional content to be found below the salmon picture. A guy ask a question and things just went long from there.......

    Quote Originally Posted by rando View Post
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't salmon and steelhead fishing, fishing for spawning fish?
    Isn't spawn the only reason those fish enter river systems?
    If it is so,
  3. You Just Might Be An Elitist If....................... ...

    That poll I put on the forum about using Scents on flies brought the 'E' word out in a few responses so I took a little time and wrote this. I think we've all heard Jeff Foxworthy's 'You Might Be A Redneck If' routine and that's the play with this posts title. It's an attempt to explain myself a little more to newer and old members alike.

    So, You might be an elitist if..........

    If you started out fly fishing the hard way. What's the hard way in my own experience? ...

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  4. Just One Voice Alone In The Wilderness..........

    I have worked to establish a good relationship between myself and the regional staff of the department of fish & game here. Today I found an e-mail in my box telling me that the agency was going to "look at" establishing a protective status for rainbow / steelhead trout in my home river. The trout in this river are one of the only populations in south central Alaska that do not enjoy some level of protection from harvest and that may change.

    You may or may not know that ...
  5. The Forum Has Changed, What Do I Think?

    I wrote this to answer someone who ask me what I think has happened that changed this forum from what it was like say eight years ago or so.

    Warning: I have written what was on my mind. You may not agree and that's fine with me but I was ask and so I wrote. I used to write articles this long when ask about how to fish a feather wing streamer but no one has ask that for years.

    Basically this question came after a barrage of threads about fly line weight designations ...

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