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  1. Do you believe Fluorocarbon is tougher than Mono?

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    Flouro is more abrasion resistant than mono in the same diameter. And if you nymph, you will hit rocks....
    Flouro is for use under water though.... not for fishing a dry. Not that you can't do it....there just isn't an advantage to it.
    Sitting on the surface tension flouro will still have a can mud it to break that tension, but then it will slowly sink...because it's more dense than water.
    I never use anything to treat my leader for nymphing..........................unless
  2. Reading water......heavy nymphing.

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    Reading the water

    Since the water I fish most of the time, sounds like what you were trying, I'll share this again.
    I'm sure in the time I've been here, I mentioned how I figured it out.
    I call it the count-down method. This method works with almost weightless rigs up to heavy....

    1. How fast is the water?
    Take 2-3 long strides on the bank. Throw a stick on the water and count the ...
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