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Back from Valle vidal, New Mexico

Got back Sunday PM. Excellent trip! Weather was fantastic, no wind, temps in mid 70's in day, down to 40's at night. Bear visited camp two nights in a row making sleeping a bit difficult. The fishing was good, not spectacular. It was dry up there, Shuree pond was 10 ft low and weedy. You could wade through the weeds and reach the deeper water. There were 8 tubers on pond at one time. We were all cathing fish. There are no small fish in Shuree. I caught a 20" on a #6 double bead head Golden stone. Large hook for large fish, I guess!
Rio Costilla was running a bit low, but fished well. Caught around 12 each of 3 days. Best dry fly was green elk hair caddis #12-16. Also used #12 damsel nymph and #16 Barr's emerger.

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