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    Sounds like a challenging place to fish.

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    Hello and thanks for sharing your experience regarding the down river charge. I didn't go into the business of line tension because I was running a bit long as was but you are quite right about the line bowing with the current and placing tension on the connection at the fishes end. One thing that helps to some degree is that I am using 13 1/2 foot to 15 foot rods so line control can sometimes be a little better than with shorter rods.

    Good point you've made,

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    I'm from the same attic space of thought about fish running down river. The "no force" felt allows them to calm down but this can be for just seconds. When line gets stripped and I release the drag, these down river fish typically eddy out rather quickly(next hole) BUT if they swim back up the eddy and/or the excess line is pulled by the current, many take off again as line pressure returned. So, if I can get down to where they eddied before this occurs I'm golden as I can keep them there. If the bank requires a bit of negotiation I can almost guarantee that this fish resume a down river marathon. In those cases options are limited; attempt it again or break the tippet. So, for me, it becomes a game of should I attempt to turn the fish, risk pulling the fly, or playing a down river game. For me, while wading, this decision all depends on the location in the hole where the fish was hooked. Hooked in the current and I let them run. Hooked outside the current and it makes a run for the current, I attempt the turn. I would say I'm 50/50 on either of the options. Current or turning fish, accompanied with tiny flies, don't bode well for landing odds. lol
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    That's interesting about your feelings toward that final Carp you caught. Individual fish sometimes provoke strong feelings in me. I've felt sorry for some. The one big black drum of my life made me wish I had never cast at it. It was like it had seen so much and lived so long it deserved not to be molested.
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    Here's Tate on the back of my chair. He's my fluffy, heated head rest. He's a poodle something my wife rescued from a family that was mean to him. Best dog ever.
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    That was a good job of weaving together a fish tale.

    I used to fish for them until I lived on a lake years ago, the last one I caught was very large and took a long tome to bring to the shore. There was a rounded concrete bulkhead of sorts behind my house to curb erosion I'd guess and I released the fish while it lay in the water by the bulkhead. That eye, the one that was facing me, it was huge. Huge like the size of a dime at the iris, maybe even bigger. The fish seemed so sad, so tired.

    I removed the fly and it slowly swam off, I've never cast at one since.
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    Hope you can find some large ones soon
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    There's few things better than hearing about a fella fishing with his dog! You should post a picture of Tate.