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    I agree, Ard. I especially like what you said about not seeing him as a republican or a democrat. I too only saw him as a Senator!

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    That's good; the spruce lives on and remains useful. I thought I saw one in the background of one picture that looked like it was going.

    Ard, you do have a piece of paradise, there. I would say that I am envious, but that would be unfair. You worked for every inch of that beautiful property. What I am envious of is your skillset. I take my hat off to what you have built.

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    Hey Steve

    I failed to count the growth rings but the good news is that I cut 4 matching slabs about 2 1/2 inches thick each to make end tables for the cabin out of. I'm thinking either pedestal type bases from spruce or 3 legged type using birch.

    There are 2 others that need the same treatment but they are 55 footers or so and I was beat after getting the big boy done. Couple the tree with the mowing, the cleaning inside and I had enough for one trip. The smaller ones will go down this winter when I can burn the branches without worry of wild fire.

    Just another day in paradise brother
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    Wow. Some fun, huh? I have no delusions about owning a cabin in the woods. I know it's a lot of work. I have a friend who has a lake house and he is always doing something. Occasionally, he'll ask me to help with a project and I enjoy helping him, but I don't want one of my own. Maybe a maintenance-free condo at the edge of town, near good fishing???

    I'm really sorry about the tree, Ard. It truly was a grandfather.

    BTW, beautiful pics.