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    There had to be something that the more successful guy was doing, sometimes it's as simple as where he's fishing compared to where you are. I think that when you are fishing subsurface it's a matter of putting a fly in front of a fish in order to catch a fish. If one person is constantly drifting or swinging a fly and getting hit then it's one of two things, either he has a superior technique or his fly is simply getting seen. Sometimes there can be a run with multiple trout lying in it, if they are not moving at all then that fly has to come along just right. Too far upstream and they may not see it, too long a cast and the fly may pass behind them.

    Taking the time to thoroughly work through a stretch of water is a commitment. often we start to feel that we should hurry on to another spot, especially if nothing is happening for you. If the water looks really fishy and if you know there is a decent population of fish in that water then there are probably fish where you are currently at. I run into this pretty often, I know there must be one there, maybe more than one but I felt nothing............ It takes patience to walk back up to where you started, tie on a slightly different fly and then think things over. I look at those currents visible on the surface (if any) and try to figure out what may be causing them and more importantly where those things are. What we see on the surface is the result of objects that are upstream of where we can see a slight disturbance on the surface. It's a matter of depth and current speed dictating how great the distance between what we see on top and where things are on the bottom. In a prefect world those fish should be wanting to be near to things on the bottom and we have to figure out how to get our fly seen by a fish we 'think' might be there..................

    I change the lengths of my casts and try to believe that by mending and steering the fly I am covering areas that were completely missed on the first trip through the water. When I catch one like that it seems more rewarding than the one who nails my fliy on the first cast, that happens too
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    That's a good piece of advice Jim and smart to place it here where it can easily be found. I hope people find their way to it.

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    A fine treasure and one you're fortunate to have. I think it's cool that you went out and hit the water with it for some fun and memories, it's what a rod with 4 extra tips was meant to do.

    Never owned a bamboo rod. Have always thought the translucent guide wraps on some of them to be a most beautiful element. Just looks right against the blank color.
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    Sounds like a challenging place to fish.