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The End of Something Good;

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I'll get around to writing and will provide many a picture of my friend as we shared boats - rivers - creeks and camps for almost 14 years.

On March 25 of this year 2019 I had to say goodby to my friend & constant companion Boss.

South Plains and Looking . . .-12606.jpg

I've spent 44 years of my life in the company of canines and Boss was the smartest most loyal I've ever known. From standing down a large brown bear to simple quiet days and nights camping along the rivers of Alaska he has been my friend all these years. I'll tell stories when I can do it without my eyes clouding over.

For now here's a link to a blog entry from March 11, 2011 about one of our days.

I'll wait till the spirit moves me before I try to write about our last few years together, it's just a love story about an aging man and an aging German Shepherd in Alaska.


  1. jangles's Avatar
    I'm sorry for your loss . I too have had Canine friends all my life and had to have my buddy Ralph the Lab go to heaven just before Christmas last . I have four others that keep me occupied . One Heeler coyote mix , two German Wire hairs(sisters) and one Yellow Lab . The Heeler is about to leave me but the other three will probably out live me . It hurts to lose them but one day I hope to be wherever they are . It gets easier with time but never goes away .
  2. Troutdance's Avatar
    I know how you feel what a beautiful Shepard. I lost my fishing buddy on Christmas Day 2017 we had 11 years on the Rivers and back country in Idaho. I now have a White German Sheppard 7 year old I adopted locally he's still learning the lines. He's the most loyal Dog that I have ever had. If they don't have Dogs in Heaven then I surely don't want to go their.
    I will always miss my past fishing campanions the feeling is always there they are still with you.
  3. Ard's Avatar
    Hello fellas,

    We are connected in this aren't we, the love we've felt for them and the loss we have experienced. Life goes on but there is a certain emptiness, that missing part of the daily routine. I miss him looking at me just like in that picture.

    Thank you for finding this memory and taking time to leave me a few lines of text. I wish you both well and I know you'll take care of your 4 legged friends.

  4. MCHammer's Avatar

    Just now read this post. I'm sorry for your loss--I know how difficult it is to lose a beloved pet.

  5. Ard's Avatar
    He was one constant presence in my life here all these years Mike. He didn't go with you and I last season because of the high water, very little shoreline for him. I did kind of regret not taking him to that one place where we had that large dry area but with Nancy home he was happy here...…. kinda.

    I'm looking forward to the fall trip buddy
  6. ia_trouter's Avatar
    So sorry to read this post, and hear about it so late. He was a good friend to you. He had a special personality. You only had to spend a few days around him to realize it. I know I will always remember Boss.
  7. Ard's Avatar
    That's you and he trout fishing, he always kept an eye on you Dewayne.

    Here he is making sure Nancy didn't get swept out with the tide while she was fishing for reds in the bay.

  8. ia_trouter's Avatar
    A quiet moment but he must have known I was a complete rookie at wading real trout water at that time. Probably afraid I'd wander into the main channel and try to drown yet again lol. I have a dozen or so pics of of Ashton in AK and Boss is in damn near all of them. She loved him immediately and I think he knew it. He was at her side all week. Here is one near the camp site. Wading staff deployed, they are probably about about to go fishing.

  9. barham's Avatar
    I am a retired judge in Texas whose best friend, besides my wife, is a 3 year old English Springer Spaniel named Barney. Barney used to go to my office when I did not court and goes everywhere with on a daily basis. He a replacement for Murdoch who was run over a few years ago.
    I know how you feel about your loss and getting a new friend to love is the solution.
    Regards from Texas,
  10. gc59's Avatar
    I'm sorry that I saw this just now, my heart hurts what a majestic animal and I can tell a good best friend. I can relate, my best friend for 13 years went to the vet one friday and got an excellent check up, shes old but good the doc said, well sunday was hot and humid, after a long day doin chores around the house she took a long drink, her stomach turned over, in 2 hours she died in my arms. Again I know how you feel, I will miss those boss pictures, I'm sorry.
  11. Ard's Avatar
    Be strong, I know what you are feeling buddy. I've went this way 3 times now, first a Red Setter who was with always for 16 years then a Field Stud Pointer for 14 and now boss for over 13 more. The memories I have from those partners are absolutely irreplaceable, they were as much a part of life as my own existence has been. I just love them as long as allowed and we've been better for it.
  12. Tarpon Time's Avatar
    My heart breaks........ In life we can have a few great dogs but there is always that spacial one.... Sounds Like Boss was yours.....Tight lines !!!!!!! Always except a hug