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First Summer Float of 2011

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It is both sad and joyous that on July 28th I got in my first float of the 2011 summer season. We have waited what seems forever and a day for the river flows to come down to fishing level. For my Boss and good friend Greg and I yesterday was the day!!

We floated the lower stretch of the New Fork River just South of Pinedale, WY. Though it is a long hour and a half drive to the put in it is well worth it. The New Fork is a lot like the Green just a little smaller. Slowly meandering through high mountain meadows it offers the opportunity to catch some big browns and rainbows. It is not a difficult stream to float due to it's slow pace and lack of rapids and few obstructions. Most the fishing is along beautiful under cut banks and a few riffles. It seems custom built for great streamer fishing.

We put in about 10:00AM and only float about 20 yards before finding several fish rising to the very prolific Grey Drake hatch. With so many naturals on the water it was tough to get a fish to take an artificial. I started out on the oars while Greg tried to temp the fish with a selection of dries. In the first hour Greg missed a couple takes and had a few LDR's ( long distance releases ). But his persistence paid off and he landed a nice 23" Brown.

Then it was my turn on the rod. The hatch had died down a bit so as per usual I went with a streamer. I started out with bighornflies Area 51 in brown and yellow. Brown and yellow being a killer color combo on the New Fork and Green rivers. Yesterday being no exception! I moved several large fish. Also having several takes a couple of which were really nice fish. All of which ended up as LDR's. For some reason that I have been unable to figure out I have trouble keeping fish on the hook with articulated flies. After about an hour I switch to a Yellow Zoo Cougar. I moved several more fish and had a few more bumps. Then once again persistence paid off!!

We switched off at the oars a couple more times. Greg stayed with the dry action while I continued with the streamers. We both missed several more opportunities proving once again there is a reason the call it fishing and not catching!! LOL.

All in all a great day. The weather was perfect. Water quality was about 75% and should be 100 by next week. One and only problem we ran in to was the take out we chose. I would recommend not using the Gas Wells to take out. This is due to there not really being a take out!! There is just a 5ft drop from the parking area. As water levels drop it will only keep higher. And winching your boat straight up the bank is a chore and a half, not to mention a real abuse of your boat and trailer.


  1. cromney's Avatar
    Great report Davo and thanks!
  2. Davo's Avatar

    Thanks!! Hopefully we will be hitting again next week. Bring Drakes and Chenobyls, and all your streamers!!
  3. milt spawn's Avatar
    Girthy! And such white bellies! Nice TR Davo, thanx! milt.
  4. Davo's Avatar

    Thanks! Your right about the girth and the white bellies!!. The high water did not stop those guys from feeding. I think the bellies are due to hoe clean the bottom is on the New Fork. It is small gravel and fine sandy silt with little muck really. Not really any moss or grass.

    Quote Originally Posted by milt spawn
    Girthy! And such white bellies! Nice TR Davo, thanx! milt.
  5. mcnerney's Avatar
    Davo: Great report and thanks for the heads up on the Gas Wells takeout!

  6. Davo's Avatar

    Your most welcome, don't want folks to have to struggle like Greg and I did getting their boat out!!

    Looking forward to Thursday and Friday. It will be fun. My Cousins Husband may join us for Friday. He has to wait and see how work shakes out on Thursday. So there may be 5 of us on Friday.

    Since we have 4 for sure I'm bringing my boat down. We will just float 2 to a boat.
  7. theboz's Avatar
    Nice fish . White fat bellies make them stand out. Beautys!
  8. Ard's Avatar
    Although I read this before Dave, I didn't leave you a comment. Now in the cold of winter, looking at all that unfrozen water and the green on the surrounding river banks it is a pleasure to revisit this entry.