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Davo's Fly Angling Adventures

2011 New Fork Members Float

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Got back late last night from a two day float on the New Fork river with fysh, mcnerney, cromney and a friend of fysh. A great time was had by all!!!

Everyone else went down and settled into camp Wednesday night on. They set camp on the Green river above Warren Bridge. I drove down early Thursday morning to meet up with everyone after work. Got to the campsite about 8:00AM. Set up my tent and dropped my gear then we head south to the river below Pinedale.

After dropping the boats and doing our own shuttles we shoved off about 11:00AM. We were the only boats on the river. Everybody got at least one fish to hand so no one was skunked. Fysh his friend Todd and Clint( aka cromney) were in Fysh's boat. Larry (aka mcnerney and I were in my boat. Fysh's boat took the day for fish caught!! Larry caught a couple of small browns and missed a couple more plus a couple of long line releases. I had one small brown to the boat and several nice chases with one really nice fish taking my streamer offering of a Double Screamer in spawn colors. Literally taking my steamer, snapped me right off on the take!! Shortly after that my 7wt streamer rod gave up the ghost and folded up right at the second ferull Man that hurt!! Keep an eye out as I'm sure Fysh and Cromney will chime in with photo's and tales of how the day went in their boat.

The Grey Drake hatch off the week before was pretty much over with only a few lingering around at mid morning. Best result were had by using a dry dropper set up. A nice buggy fly on top like a Chubby Chernobyl and a variety of nymphs below. The Hoppers have not gotten going down there yet but should be arriving in the next week or so as the grasses brown up. The horse flies and mosquitoes we out in force and made multiple applications of bug spray necessary.

After taking out of the river about 7:00PM we stopped in town for dinner at the Sugar Shack. Had a nice but over priced burger and the n headed back to camp. Got nice little fire going and settled in for some chatter and a cocktail. Shortly there after the expected clouds and thunderstorms arrive. While sipping a nice single malt we were treated to a nice light show. Hopefully Clint will share some of the photos he snapped of the lightning! Then it was off to bed in preparation for the next day. According to Fysh and Clint an even bigger storm rolled through about 2:00AM. I have to take their word for it as it did not disturb my slumber. Having been up for over 24hrs nothing was going to disturb me!! Todd who slept with ear plugs in missed it as well.

The next morning started about 7:00AM. Crawled out of the tent and got to work on a fire and getting a pot of coffee going. Breakfast of coffee yogurt an granola got everyone awake and energized for the day of fishing ahead. As the green was just a bit off color we opted to float the New Fork again. So we headed south to meet Larry at the put in and get the day started. Short delays to get Todd some new fly line and ice up the coolers. We did manage to shave a half hour off our start time of Thursday.

Day two started out with a couple quick calls of fish on. Clint had a few small guys take a dropper at the mouth of Boulder creek. Todd got a couple on both dries and nymphs. Shortly after the start Clint switched over to a streamer and moved a big boy in the middle of the river but he would not take. By lunch he pulled in a couple fat little browns. Clint and I traded of on the oars a few more times About two thirds of the way down in the same hole that held the fish which stole my streamer yesterday I hooked into a really sweet Cutthroat. Nice fat 23" bright colored hog. Big thanks to Clint for the photos!!

trying to get a grip!!

taking a little look!!

Finally got a good hold!!

After that Clint pulled in a few more little browns on streamers. Then on the home stretch I moved a few little guys but had no hook ups. But Larry in Fysh's boat pulled a nice 18" brown on a dry. I'm sure he'll be posting a pic soon!

We took off the river about 5:00PM and headed back to camp. Having to work my on call shift in the morning I had to pack up and head for town though I would love to have stayed another night. Fysh, Todd and Clint were suiting up to wade fish the Green at camp. There plan was to fish a little before the rain hit and then rest up for another New Fork float in the morning. I'm looking forward to hearing how they did.

Floating with a bunch of the great folks I've met here on the forum is just a wonderful experience!! I look forward to doing more of it and hope to do it with more of the members. The friendships I've forge since joining NAFFF are just great!! If you get the chance to meet up with and fish with other members do it!! It is truly a great experience!!

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  1. milt spawn's Avatar
    Sounds like an excellent trip. How many river miles did you float? milt.
  2. Davo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by milt spawn
    Sounds like an excellent trip. How many river miles did you float? milt.


    We only floated the New Fork as the Green was a bit cloudy from rain earlier in the week. Would have been nice to hit both though!!
  3. milt spawn's Avatar
    I am also curious about the logistics, how many vehicles are necessary for a 2 boat, 5 angler, drift? I, obviously, have not done any drift trips. milt.
  4. Davo's Avatar

    John and I both brought our trucks and boats, Clint and Todd rode up with John Larry from Utah. Larry drove up in his truck. After launching the boats Larry John and I shuttled the trucks and trailers down to the take out. Then drove back in Larry's truck and floated. After taking out we drive Larry back up to his truck. Then back to camp!!
  5. littledavid123's Avatar
    Sounded like a great trip. Looking forward to one day meeting nafff members. Glad you had a good time Davo and hope you get some rest.
  6. milt spawn's Avatar
    Thanx Davo! milt
  7. Davo's Avatar
    Thanks Dave! Hope you find some members to hook up with as it's a hoot!!

    Your welcome Milt! You need to work out some float time, it's a great way to cover a lot of river!!
  8. cromney's Avatar
    I meant to figure out exactly what strain of cutty that was but forgot. I knew it wasn't a Snake River/Fine Spotted and I knew that Colorado River Cutts are native to this river but it didn't look like a Colorado River Cutt that I've caught in the past so I wasn't 100% sure. But last night a local Pinedale guide informed me, after seeing the picture, it is in fact a Colorado River Cutt. Awesome fish for sure!