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Davo's Fly Angling Adventures

Upper Snake Action Has Finally Picked Up!!

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Well I managed to make it out on Friday the 4th. My guiding boss and I did a float on the Wilson to South Park stretch. Check out this article for more info on the various stretches of the upper Snake

So far this year the fishing on the upper Snake has been some what slow. We have suffered from higher than normal water and cool rainy weather for most the season. As of late both the water levels and weather have settled out.

The fish are starting to stack up in the riffles. Most are in the smaller size range but the bigger fish are starting to show up. For the most part the big boys are still holding to deeper water. However as winter is approaching they are definitely looking up and eager to feed.

I expect they will begin moving up into the riffles and feeding heavy on the hatches as we get move into the fall season.

Unfortunately we failed to connect with any of the big boys on yesterdays float. We stung a few and completely missed several. But it was really nice to see them finally. I'm looking forward to some great fishing over the next 2 months here on the upper Snake.


  1. cromney's Avatar
    Good to hear the news Davo and thanks for the report. Love your posts!