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Next Preseason Float.

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Hoping to make it out on the river this weekend for at least one day and possibly two. The weather is supposed to be excellent on Sunday with Sunny Skies and mid to high 60's. Saturday is supposed to be a close second in terms of weather with high 50's to low 60's.

The other factor to pulling this of is water quality. After that fantastic trip on the 9th one of the upper tributaries blew out. The river went up 1000cfs. The water clarity went down but was still fishable. Then the weather cooled down and the flows dropped back.

Hopefully these conditions will hold through the weekend. Two more springtime floats would be really great. We would love to get into some dry fly action again!! Just have to see what the future brings!!


  1. Davo's Avatar
    Just got back from a drive down to the river. The water looks great. So it is float time tomorrow morning!! Have to see if the water conditions hold. If they do we just might make three floats Friday, Saturday and Sunday. High temps in the low 60's Friday climbing to 70 on Sunday. High temps could dirty up the river by Sunday.