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Opening Day In Just 14 Days!!

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Well the end of another long winter is in sight. Come April first the put ins will be plowed out and the floating season will be open.
If the weather stays like it has been the last couple of weeks there will be some great early season fishing before the runoff starts. We got less snow this winter than last, and with the warm weather what we do have is going pretty quick. I don't have to shovel out the boat this year as it is already melted clear.
The river is real low right now. Jackson Lake is already 75% full and they should hold all that water till the runoff kicks in. So the fish will be bunched up in the deep runs on the main channel. Might have to get out and walk the boat through some of the shallower runs. But heck, if it was easy everyone would be doing it!!
Won't be much dry fly action at first. Maybe some midges and BWOs. That's alright since I prefer streamer fishing and that should be hot. The Cutty's will be taking streamers pretty hard trying to put on the weight lost during the winter months before the runoff comes. For those who like to Nymph the action should be hot as well.

Tight lines everyone!!


  1. Frank Whiton's Avatar
    Thanks for the update. I guess with the low snow pack the runoff won't take long this year.

    Your mention of sliding the boat over shallow spots reminds me of a day in South East Alaska. I was with two guides who donated a bear hunt to Safari Club and one was guiding the guy who won the trip. The other guide was my friend and he was taking me hunting in exchange for a rifle I built for him. Any way, we went up stream on the tide to do some Salmon fishing. We stayed till dusk and had to skid the skiff over several shallow areas getting back to the salt. The dude hunter kept falling down and we finally had to put him in the boat or leave him behind. I was for leaving him but the guides knew better. We had a good laugh over that back at the boat.

  2. Davo's Avatar
    Hi Frank
    If we don't get 32 days of straight rain in May like we did last year the runoff should go by quickly. I'm hoping it will be done by the time I return from my annual Tarpon trip to the Keys in late June.

    I'm more than familiar with pushing Dude clients around in the boat during low water. LOL A few years back I had two clients on the Green in late August when the water gets really low. All combined I had to push through about a 1/2 mile. Neither client was willing to get out of the boat and risk their shoes. As I recall their tip was not very reflective of my efforts.