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Davo's Fly Angling Adventures

The start of my season is rapdly approaching!

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With April first just around the corner and our weather holding firm in the very fishable range, I find myself thumbing through catalogs thinking of must have gear additions.
One such addition is a new reel and line for my best streamer rod. I refer of course to my Orvis HLS 4pc 7wt. For the last 2 seasons this rod has remained in the closet while I made use of a couple of new rods added to my collection. As I am an avid streamer fisherman and this rod is excellent for chuckin big uglies I feel it is time to put it back in action.
So I'm planning a purchase of an Orvis Batten Kill Large Arbor III reel. I will have it adorned with a Orvis Wonderline Gen III Full Sink Line( class V). With this combo my HLS should be the premier streamer weapon in my arsenal.
I'm looking forward to hitting the early season on the Snake River. This time of year always produces hungry aggressive trout looking to put on the lost pounds from a long winter. These trout tend to hold in the deeper holes and runs. I think the full sink line will aid greatly in get some tasty streamers into their feeding zone.