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Opening Day plans are set

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Well the plan for opening day on Thursday the 1st of April are set. Unless the weather has other plans I'll be floating the Wilson to South Park stretch of the Snake River here in Jackson Hole. My good friend and guiding boss Greg Falk and another pal of ours Tony L. will hit the river and see what the early season fishing is like.
My new reel and line will be in by then. So it will most likely be a streamer day for me. Though I do expect to find some fish workin midges and maybe BWOs. I'm sure Tony will be spin fishing.
Unlike last year, I will be doing some casting well before my June Tarpon trip to Key Largo. Last years heavy snow pack and spring rains added up to no fishing till July. This we have a light snow pack which has already started to recede. If with a lot of rain we should have a quick runoff. This will allow some spring fishing and then an early start to the Summer season once the runoff is done.
Really looking forward to wetting a line. Winter here is a long wait!!