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Davo's Fly Angling Adventures

Long 2 days are over. :(

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Hey everybody

Well my two days of fishing with Fyshstykr and his gal Fishnchic are over. We had a great time in spite of some lack luster fishing.

Thursday we did a super long float on the South Fork. 25 miles to be exact. On the river at 9:00AM and got to the take out at around 8:00PM. We breezed through some of the lower stretch due to worries of making the take out before dark. Spent some extra time working riffles and side channels in the upper stretches.

It turns out the the Bureau of Reclamation was not done playing with the water levels yet. Two days before our trip the lowered the water 1000cfs and then again the night before the trip they dropped it another 1000cfs. So the hatch activity was very light and the fish were still a bit off their feed. We did manage to find a few feeders in some side channels. We got some sporadic action on streamers as well. It also seems that we had some trouble with our hook sets. Several fish were released using the LLR method (Long Line Release).

But all in all it was a great day. We float the beautiful canyon stretch with great friends and good weather. It is hard to top a day like that.

On Friday we floated my home waters on the Upper Snake River in Jackson Hole. Since we were doing a much shorter float we took our time getting on the river. We only floated 12 miles and at the higher elevation the fish don't get working till later in the day. We ended up leaving the put in a little before 11:00AM.

I'm sorry to report that they decided to play with the water levels on this part of the river too. As I stated in earlier post our fishing has been slow to get going this year due to Long run off and higher than normal water levels.

First thing out we has some good fish activity on PMD's and Para Hoppers. Just small fish though. We stopped and worked several riffles and side channels. Sad to say we saw only a few large fish. The weather turned ugly in the afternoon and we switched to streamers for the lower stretch. Had several short hits and only a few hook ups. At the tail end the clouds let loose and we got some showers and lightning at the tail end.

Here is a short video of Fyshstykr on the South Fork



  1. fyshstykr's Avatar
    Hi dave,
    Thanks for floating with us, we had a great time as always fishing with you.

    We floated the upper section from the dam to the bridge on Saturday. The main channel was tough going but as we found in the Canyon the side channels (especially the Playboy Channel) were productive, Pam did very well fishing P.M.D.'s in some great riffles.

    We need to go fish the upper Teton River soon.

    Thanks again, your a great person to hang with and you clean up good!!

    John and Pam.
  2. Davo's Avatar
    Hey Fysh

    Thanks for the kind words, it is always great to float with you folks. Lots of fun had by all. Glad to hear you found some feeders on the upper stretch.
    I'm ready for the upper Teton anytime you are. When it comes to fishing with the Fysh family I'm in, just say when and where.
    Have fun with the gulpers on Friday!! Talk to you soon.