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Davo's Fly Angling Adventures

Float # 2 Coming Up!!

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After more than a month we are finally getting back out on the river. The water will be high and still quite cold, but the weather is finally going to cooperate!!!

Looking at temps around 50 and no precipitation, unless the weather man has decided to lie again.

Two friends and I will be headed down to float Wilson to South Fork. Had an okay trip back on April 1st with some other friends. But thanks to the dragging on of winter and high flows on the South Fork we have not been out since.

It's going to be good to get out on the river again. Hoping to have some good pics to share come Tuesday!!


  1. mcnerney's Avatar
    Davo: Hard to believe you have floatable water, I would think the Snake would be really high right now. We had a cold front push through on Sat so we ended up cancelling the trip up to the Grey Reef.

  2. Davo's Avatar

    There is actually more than enough water to float!! Flows are about 2000cfs higher than one would like right now but the color was good. Color got a little off by the end of the day. Fishing was tough with that much water, only caught a few, one nice 20" on the main river. Then we got into some feeders where Spring Creek flows in and got several fish on small BWO's. Still it was nice to be on the water!!