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Tarpon Time Again!!

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Once again it is time for my annual trek to the Keys to chase Silver!! Just ordered a bunch of materials for tying up Double Bunnies and had them shipped to Key Largo. Also order some EP black tailed finger mullet flies as well. Maybe next year I'll sit down at the vise and figure out how to tie my own!!

Talked with Dad last week and he said there are plenty of Tarpon around. Most were still headed south and will until the worm hatch is over. They tend to focus on that hatch and are not on the bite while heading down. By the time I arrive they should be headed back north and more interested in various offerings.

The goal this year is to figure out how to get one to the boat!! Over the last few years we have managed to get them to eat without much trouble. The hard part is staying connected to one of the jumping beast long enough to get the upper hand.

I'm off in just over a week and really looking forward to it. If for no other reason than to be going someplace where summer has actually started!! Here in the Rockies winter will just not quit this year. Our snowpack is still very high and the temps have not crept above the 50's for more than a day or two with most nights getting down in the 30's. So this Tarpon trip is going to be my only fishing for a while as runoff will still be going when I return at the end of the month. Runoff will most likely go well into July and maybe till August this season.


  1. littledavid123's Avatar

    I know you are looking forward to your trip and am excited for you.

    A word of caution, living where you do with the cooler weather patterns will often simulate a condition most office workers in the South contend with on a daily basis "Freon Poisoning" The withdrawal symptoms upon exiting a Freon filled environment can be immediate and may include profuse sweating and the feeling of running into a brick wall, also some will develop cravings for ice cold beer and frozen margaritas.

    Have Fun

  2. Davo's Avatar

    Been doing this trip for 8yrs running now. I welcome the change in weather as it prepares me for the spring like summers we have here in WY. I've found over the years that all adverse symptoms can be treated with a good single malt and a T-Bone!!
  3. mcnerney's Avatar

    Good look tarpon hunting! I hope you have a good trip and great time with your dad! I know what you mean about the long winter we had this year, glad it is finally over.

  4. Davo's Avatar

    Thanks for the good wishes!! I am looking forward to another great week of fishing with Dad!! Always great spending time with my best friend!!

    I'm not sure about winter being over yet! They are calling for snow tomorrow night here. I fear this Tarpon trip may be my only fishing for quite awhile as our runoff has not really kicked of yet. Been a long cold spring.

    Thanks for the pics of your MO trip!! Looks like you really had some great fishing.