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mono vs fluoro

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Thank you Mr. Denny, I've been away from using a fly rod close to 10 yrs and i'm getting back into it now that I'm living in WY. I never heard of a tippet ring but now I do.
Hi Grizz.

Your post about tippet rings reminded me that they are an excellent way to attach two dissimilar materials like nylon and fluorocarbon.

I have found that, at least for me, fluorocarbon to nylon knots tend to fail. My working theory is that the harder fluorocarbon cuts through the softer nylon especially as the nylon absorbs water and swells up.

I use either a tippet ring OR a triple surgeon's knot because both a blood knot and double surgeon's have failed when I used them.

Attaching Fluoro to Mono | Knot Tips for Fluorocarbon Tippet

Another article recommends the double uni knot but the triple surgeon's is so much simpler to tie.

How To: Best Knot For Monofilament To Fluorocarbon Connections



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