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Having moved to the Puget Sound area recently I had my eyes open for new waters. Most of my life has been around a fishing spot that was within walking distance, everything from ocean inlets to small decorative ponds at the neighborhood entrance.

Not once did I ever think that finding a good fishing spot would be a hassle. I am finding out the hard way that streams of fish donít really exist here in Dupont. Not only that but I have really begun to take my fly fishing to the next level, better gear, more reading and even some small business endeavors. Now that I am at a point in my normal job that I can spend more time and money on my hobby, there is limited outlet. No more farm ponds for catfish and bluegill, rivers for gar or stripers. No more small creeks of Chub and Bass.

Perhaps it is my thinking and I cannot see the pesca riches that surround me. Iíve started exploring more of the area and finding smaller lakes and ponds that have provided many days of fun. Although the size of the fish has gotten smaller the frequency has increased, allowing me to experiment more with gear that I make and different methods. Iíve started to get requests from strangers to Ďfollow alongí on my next outing. I do not consider myself an expert in anything, but to be able to help others learn something that I love has really increased my enjoyment.

Iíve had 3 good Ďadventuresí so far, a couple with guys who already fish and one with a friend who has never been. To be able to catch crappie, rock bass, pumpkin seed, largemouth, small mouth, carp, perch, trout and even a sculpin! Each type of fish with a new experience, different than any Iíve had before, and all on the fly.

I may not catch another 4 lbs largemouth anytime soon, and it seems that I'm fine with that. But the experiances are getting better. This weekend is a trek to a 3 acre pond with no road access...I can't promise any trophies but I can promise an adventure.

Anybody want to go?


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    Hi fat Daddy,

    The reason you may not be getting viewers and comments is that you chose to make the blog private. The only way I am reading and able to comment is because I am an administrator here and so have access to even the locked pages. The regular members can't access this page. You can change that in the blog controls if you want.

  2. fatdaddy's Avatar
    Absolutely, thanks for the info!