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There I was...

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Whew…I put the hurt on ‘em. Little fish didn’t stand a chance last Tuesday when I walked out there with my car setup. I’ve started to keep a 6’6” Eagle Claw Featherlite Fiberglass rod in my car at all times, with some 4X tippet and about 12 wet flies.

It earned its keep when I was catching something every cast this last outing. My hit list included some yearlings of largemouth and smallmouth. But most of the repeat offenders were Pumpkinseed Sunfish and Rock bass. I don’t know if you have ever caught a Rock bass before but they are feisty little buggers.

Hit ‘em with a 4wt slow action rod and you can play Spanish Fly to your heart’s content. Wooly Buggers slowly became streamers on huge size 2 hooks and I began taking the whole process to the extreme, casting a double haul as if every time I was leading a pack of bonefish in knee deep water. I’m sure I looked like an idiot working too hard for a 4” fish, but to me I was in the flats enjoying the evening tide as the sun went down.

As I began to escape from my staff job a distant voice peaked across the inter-coastal…I mean lake.

“Hey you’re doin pretty good, what’cha usin?,” the random angler asked me.

“A bead-head shrimp, size 12.”

“Nah, I mean what type of rod is that?”

“Eagle Claw 4wt.”

“Nah, I mean what are you doin swinging it around like ‘at?”

“Wait…you’re tellin me that you ain’t never seen a fly rod?” oops..There goes the backwoods Millbrook, Alabama.

It’s crazy to think that people, especially those who fish, have never seen a fly rod. It’s also strange to me to imagine that I could get so angry with someone talking to me while trying to fish, when I complain about not having enough friends to talk fishing to. Every time someone asks me what I’m using or, my favorite, ‘Any luck?’I get irked. I mean, isn’t it obvious that I know what I’m doing and that I’m stuck Zen deep in concentration? But then again last week I was standing on the bank of a local spot watching a fellow fly-guy flicking for some trout, thinking about how I might fish that stretch of river, when he caught a fish.

“Hey…What’cha usin?”