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Welcoming the monkey to my back...

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Well, I figure it is about time to write my first blog entry. I have been taking up fly fishing in earnest, attempting to get out and cast at any species I can at least once a day. I have been lucky enough to get out on Cattauragus Creek twice now, but as yet have been unable to land any trout on the new rod. I can't complain though, because the Allen outfit that I am fishing is one heck of a set-up. Granted, I don't have much experience casting and using many different set-ups, but I can get the fly basically wherever I want it (not necessarily in style, but it gets there).

I've had the most fun so far shooting line at cruising carp. It has given me practice on my hauling, which makes me excited to see the saltwater flats of Florida in December, but until then I'll be content with freshwater fisheries. At first, I thought I was going to be stuck catching fish like this forever:

I caught four of them of this size. The next day I caught a walleye which made these look like monsters. I was somewhere between the fry piper and the fry whisperer. Luckily, a few days later I hooked into my first carp. This helped the confidence a little, but I wasn't willing to admit it was anything more than a fluke. Then the bass decided that it was time for some slightly bigger ones to start biting:

So at this point I'm starting to believe that maybe it's not all just one big coincidence, where fish happen to find a fly on their lip and I find them at my feet a bit later. I then hooked into a pike, more than likely because a botched cast which slapped the water a little harder than usual, but it ended up a long-distance release and an unraveling bugger.

Today I decided it was time to pull a carp out of the waters near my house, where I had been targeting carp on the flats since the day I first got the rod. Unfortunately, the carp were not being cooperative and were instead resting in the shade under the bridge rather than cruising the flats. I found out this did not mean they weren't hungry:

I was happy with this fish. While it was only about a foot and a half long, it meant that I had a least TWO fluke catches of carp rather than one. However, I still am not sure I can catch fish on anything besides wooly buggers, but not for lack of trying! So, not wanting to change flies while getting bites, I stuck with my favored #6 olive beadhead wooly bugger and a veeeeerrrrrrrry slow twitching retrieve. And I stuck a bigger carp:

This fish decided it was time my 8wt Allen Xa needed a real nice bend, which it duly received.

We'll see what kind of fish get to watch my flies tomorrow! Maybe I'll even land one. Until then, I'll work on getting to know the monkey that I have happily invited on to my back. I'm addicted, and I love it. My spinning rod, not so much.


  1. oarfish's Avatar
    Looking good A.J. you post it I'll be sure to read. We only have a three month window to fish our local river and streams which is Dec to Mar 1, the little lake 5 mins from home has closed for the season, nothing left to do except unspool the reels, clean the line and store it and get ready for steelhead in Dec. Saw your steelhead hen, nice fish.

  2. gatortransplant's Avatar
    Thanks for the comment! I'll try to keep the fish coming, but no guarantees there, you'll have to live vicariously through the people on the forum who actually catch fish
  3. Ard's Avatar
    I think you're doing a really good job of catching yourself buddy.